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December 14 2019

December 12 2019

Finkregh starred kblomqvist/yasha

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh starred kblomqvist/yasha Dec 12, 2019 kblomqvist/yasha

A command-line tool to render Jinja templates for great good

Python 165 Updated Dec 12

Finkregh starred f1xpl/openauto

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh starred f1xpl/openauto Dec 12, 2019 f1xpl/openauto

AndroidAuto headunit emulator

C++ 1.5k Updated Dec 12

December 11 2019

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December 10 2019

Finkregh opened an issue in DRichardt/concourse-openstack-image-resource

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh opened an issue in DRichardt/concourse-openstack-image-resource Dec 10, 2019 provide status output #2

it would be nice to get some information about the status; e.g. beginning of upload

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